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In June 1999, miyavi joined the band, Dué le Quartz as the guitarist where he took an important place because he wrote all the music for their songs. At that time, he was still called Miyabi, which means "elegant".

Dué le Quartz debuted in November with their first promising album, Mikansei no Jekyll to Hyde, under an independent label.
A change came with Jisatsu ganbou, which was released on May 28, 2000. It was considered one of the best Indies albums. It was at this time, when everyone thought that the band would soon sign under a major label, that Miyabi left the band, which disbanded on June 8, 2002.

Soon after, Miyabi began his solo career and changed his name to miyavi. Not only that, he also changed his look and got rid of the dark "visual" costumes.
After a few singles, his first album came out, which was called Gagaku, and was only... read more
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