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The group's May 2004 debut from Ki/oon Records /Sony Music Entertainment Japan Inc. won acclaim as the best upcoming artist of the year on the Japanese music scene. Mico is widely referred to as a “soul rapper" because of his husky, powerful voice. Kuro adds a deep, whispering rap which gives life to the lyrics. Combined with U-Ichi's DJ skills, their positive, heartwarming music has caught many listeners' ears.

Vocalists Micro and Kuro are originally from the United States. Micro spent a part of his childhood in Kentucky, while Kuro lived in Chicago until he was 12.

Their first full-length album, Rock the World, achieved #5 on the Oricon national chart, with over 300,000 sales, and spent an amazing two months in the Best20s.

Home Made Kazoku created a buzz with their tracks featured as theme songs on many hit anime series, such as Psalms of Planets Eureka Seven (“Shonen Heart”), NARUTO (“Shooting Star”).... read more
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