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19 Mirrors are an electro-rock band from Tokyo with international members. Guitarist Masahiro Ohya and drummer Tsubasa Saeki come from Japan, Radi Roffo is the man on the synthesizers, and is Chinese. US-American Hannah Hypnotic is the singer of 19 Mirrors. The band states, that they combine old school punk, neo visual and digital fusion to their very own style of music.

In summer of 2009 they played their first concert in Shinjuku. The band made experiences on international stages: On 28th of march, 2010, they had a gig in Beijing together with new wave band New Pants. Drummer Tsubasa Saeki joined them in summer 2010 and replaced former drummer Gisappe.

Currently 19 Mirrors are working on new songs. The fans will have to wait to see them live again until fall of 2010; they have several shows planned at livehouse Heaven's Door in Sangenjaya. But sky is not the limit: Star... read more
Author: Stefanie Held last update: 2010-08-21
19 Mirrors

Status:  Indie - active
Period:  2009 - present
Genre:  rock / electronic/ punk

Vo : Hannah Hypnotic
Gt : Masahiro Ohya
Sequencer & Synthesizer: Radi Roffo
Dr : Tsubasa Saeki

Dr : Gisappe