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TETSUYA (ex TETSU69 and ex tetsu) is the solo work of the bassist and leader of the famous band L'Arc~en~Ciel. His career started in 2001, when L'Arc~en~Ciel temporarily stopped their activities after years of successes. As the other members, tetsu decided to start a solo career. He showed up with the name TETSU69 and he said many times the number 69 was only his date of birth (3rd October 1969). He also created his own label called SPROUSE (the SPROUSE site has been offline for a couple of years). His debut was on 18th July 2001, with a single containing two songs, "wonderful world" and "TIGHTROPE". Then, for more than a year, he didnít release anything new. We had to wait until 28th August 2002, when he released his new work: the "shinkirou" single, released only in a limited edition of 100.000 copies and with a t-shirt (orange or green figure).... read more
Author: Stefania last update: 2014-06-27