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The band was formed in August 2001. On 18 May the following year they released Brise, their first demotape, and on 30 May they played at Shibuya On Air West. Their first mini-album, Boku to no Himitsu, came out on 30 October 2002 and the second press at the start of 2003. At the end of 2002 they went on tour and held their first oneman on 10 November.

At the beginning of 2003 their second mini-album Kimi ni Shibuman was released, and it had a second press in August. Then they went on tour with another group. On 29 March they held their second oneman, and in May they released their third mini-album, Circus Shounen.

They started 2004 by releasing their first maxi-single, Kuu. Then they did a series of concerts and a DVD was produced, which came out in December. In 2005, the band continued on their trajectory, releasing... read more
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