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The pop-punk band The Complaints Department comes with the concentrated sound of two male vocalists. Singer and guitarist Nate Gildart sings together with Matt Rollo on the keyboards. Bassplayer Akira Minakawa and drummer Chris Lucier provide rhythm. The lyrics of their songs are written in English and Japanese.†

Their history starts early in the year 2009, a project initiated in late 2008 by Gildartís drive to have his music heard, and is marked by the search for new members. In the fall of 2009 they split up, although Gildart continued writing songs. With 2010 the band was reborn again with Gildart and Lucier returning, relentlessly seeking to keep a balance between Japanese and foreign members, and stability, and had even developed their sound. Keyboardist Rollo joined the band in early 2010 and added new depth, also acting as second vocalist from then on. After some time, creative and talented bassplayer Minakawa... read more
Author: Stefanie Held last update: 2011-04-15
The Complaints Department

Status:  Indie - active
Period:  2009 - present
Genre:  rock

Vo : Nate Gildart
Ba : Akira Minakawa
Dr : Chris Lucier
Key : Matt Rollo