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U was born to a Japanese father and a Spanish mother on December 26, 1985 in Tokyo. He spent his childhood in Barcelona, Spain. He speaks Japanese and Spanish and on top of it, he speaks English as well, making him trilingual.

U is musically and genuinely gifted with a sweet but powerful voice.
Uís style of singing is characterized by his straight-forward interpretation of music and his passionate and unrestrained way of self-expression. There is no doubt that this reflects his hot-blooded identity as Spanish. It is this charm and impressive personality of U that attracts a large number of his fans.

Originally inspired by his sister, he started playing the keyboard in his early elementary school years, when he learned how to play notes and rhythms.
Uís desire to pursue life as a musician led him to further go on learning piano, guitar and saxophone where he continued to musically develop his talent. Above... read more
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