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CHEMISTRY is a Japanese R&B duo, composed of, Yoshikuni Dōchin and Kaname Kawabata. After winning the Asayan audition in 2000 which was organized by Sony Music Entertainment Japan, they debuted in 2001 with three #1 singles (“Pieces of Dreams,” “Point of No Return,” and “You Go Your Way”) and a #1 album (The Way We Are).

In June 2002, CHEMISTRY participated in “Voices of KOREA/JAPAN,” a Korean/Japanese collaboration vocal unit that sang the official theme song of the 2002 FIFA World Cup. They co-recorded the first Korean/Japanese collaboration song entitled “Let’s Get Together Now.” The song, performed at the pre-opening festival of the World Cup held in Korea, was hailed as the first national broadcast of a Japanese language song in Korea since WWII. Their performance at the World Cup opening ceremony was broadcast in 160 countries worldwide.

Not ones to rest on their laurels, CHEMISTRY went on to produce #1 album after... read more
Author: Sony Records last update: 2011-04-15