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XA-VAT is a band that formed in 2010. Their music and fashion sense has everyone excited to see what this bands has in stored for us. The band's line-up is exciting and fresh, and is made up of four amazing individuals. Vo. Ishii Shuuji (ex: cali≠gari) Gu.Sadie Pink Galaxy (ex. JUBILEE), Gu. Közi (ex: Malice Mizer), and Dr. Takao Koma (ex: goatbed). All the bands the members of XA-VAT are from, have a completely different sound then the one they are bringing us with this band. The idea of all these band members composing music completely different from what they're use to, has the fans really excited and hopeful to how well they can put it off.

This amazing four band members have formed this exciting and fresh project that brings us a unique sound of new wave, techno-pop, and punk rock. Their fashion sense could be interpreted as dark and almost... read more
Author: STR17 last update: 2011-08-25