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Image © 2010 courtesy of J-house rock
According to their own words, 12012’s concept is based on “the insanity inside of humans”. This idea can be heard in their music, which is a mixture of both goth and (hard)rock – maybe even metal. Above all, what makes 12012 special is Wataru’s voice in all its variations, which gives their music that certain something. The band members appear visually dark and somber, and their style changes from time to time, following their different concepts.

All lyrics are written by Wataru and perform a single story. Once he confessed that he might publish a book in the future.

12012 also means “suspect armed” in police code, that’s why the band sometimes uses the name “possession of dangerous weapon”.

12012 was formed in May 2003 by Miyawaki Wataru (Vo, ex-Lubis Cadir - back then KYOYA), Suga Yuusuke (Gt, ex-Lubis Cadir), Sakai Hiroaki (Gt, ex-KiLLA), Enya Tomoyuki (Ba, ex-Mist of Rouge - back then Tomo)... read more
Author: Sae/Tatyana last update: 2010-12-28

Status:  Major - active
Period:  2003 - present
Genre:  rock / visual kei

Vo : Miyawaki Wataru (宮脇渉)
Gt : Sakai Hiroaki (酒井洋明)
Ba : Enya Tomoyuki (塩谷朋之)
Dr : Kawauchi Tohru (川内亨)

Gt : Suga Yuusuke (2010)