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Formed by members of the same college club in Okinawa, TAIA received the Grand Prize at the Okinawa Goza Music Festival in 2002. The band released its first album Asymmetry in 2005. Following a 2006 one-man live show in Okinawa , the band completed its follow-up album Seeds of Rain in 2007, leading to the 23-show "Blessed Rain" tour across Japan.

In 2008, TAIA was a featured band at the Kawasaki Chitta “ADDICT XX” event sub-stage with JURASSIC JADE and HEADPHONES PRESIDENT. In 2009, TAIA released English and Japanese versions of thoer album "Through Your Tears," performing hour-long sets from the album in English in Tokyo and Osaka.

TAIA embarked on an 11-city tour of Japan in 2010 to support their "Fuuen Yasou" EP, followed by a performance at HMV's IRON ANGEL event in 2011.

"Fuuen Yasou -TAIA 2010 WORKS-" EP received 81 points in BURRN! Magazine and placed in the top 50... read more
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Status:  Indie - active
Period:  1998 - present
Genre:  Gothic / Metal / Rock

Vo : SEIKA (星花)
Gt : Munekazu-TAKA-Takayama (蛇火)
Gt: Masanobu-URA-Ura(愁空)
Ba : Kuniya-YASHA-Kawamitsu(夜叉)
Dr : Takuya-FUGA-Uehara (風河)
Key : Kengo-KEN-Chibana(剣)