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Alice Nine were founded in March 2004 by drummer Nao (ex. Fatima, ex. RuSH). Together with vocalist Shou and guitarist Tora (both ex. Givuss), he persuaded bassist Saga to join them. In Hiroto, the four found their matching second guitarist and so the story of a success began.

A short time after the foundation, the five already held their first live and released their first single Namae wa, madanahi, which was sold out almost immediately. More and more lives followed, and the band went on a nationwide tour with Ayabie. In September of the same year, Alice Nine joined the label PSCompany, to which artists like Miyavi, the GazettE and Kagrra, belong. They went on a long tour with Kagrra, and for the first time, they had the chance to show their talent in front of a much bigger fan-base.

In the following summer, their second mini-album Alice in Wonderland was released. The... read more
Author: Himawari/Danielle last update: 2011-02-12