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KENN (real name Ohashi Kenichirou / 大橋賢一郎) is a Japanese actor, seiyuu and singer born on March 24th, 1982, in Tokyo.

He made his debut in late 2003 when he becomes one of The Nab'S singers, a J-Pop/Rock band, with whom he sings the ending of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monster GX, Wake Up your Heart. He's also the voice of Judai Yuki, the main character of the series.

A few months later, he's given the role of Fuji Yuta in the musical adaptation of the popular anime The Prince of Tennis (Tenimyu), a character he'll play until 2010, when all the cast is changed.

The Nab'S are ceasing their activities as a band in 2006, but KENN still voices animes, including several characters from Digimon Savers, and he joins the Air Gear anime, voicing Mikura Kazu. In 2007, Air Gear becomes a musical, and KENN is to play Kazu on stage in January and May... read more
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