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Active in the Japanese music industry, writing lyrics and singing for jingles and film music, or collaborating with many artists there, such as Toku, Marleen, Take 6, Kuwata Keisuke, Hajime Yoshizawa etc., her voice is also known world wide via her work with the composer Kanno Yoko for various animated films.

She's appeared on stage as a background vocalist with a variety of top artists and since 2003 has been performing on her own in various formations.

From October 2008 until March of 2010 Shanti was the co-host of J-Melo, a music program broadcast on NHK World in 180 countries. She's was invited back on the show to perform in Febuary, 2011. She's also an acomplished artist and has already done some exhibitions of her work.

Since April, 2011 she's co-hosting a Friday evening, NHK TV program called "El Mundo." She performs on the show from time to time.

On January 26, 2011 "Romance... read more
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