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Image © 2010 acid android, courtesy of Sync Music Japan
Acid android’s career started in 2001, when Yukihiro, L’Arc~en~Ciel’s drummer, held a concert at Shibuya Club Asia. The title’s event was “acid android in an alcove” and it was reserved to LE-CIEL members (L’Arc~en~Ciel official fanclub).

On September 27th, Ki/oon Records released the first single, “Ring the noise”. In 2002 Yukihiro followed the band “Crow” and performed as a guest. In September, acid android, under a new label, released the first album with the title “acid android”. A few days later, acid android held a second concert at Shibuya Club Asia with the title “acid android in an alcove 2”. In 2003, a mini-album was released. It was titled “faults” and the label was again Ki/oon Records.

Immediately, the tour “acid android live 2003” started with only 5 concerts. In May, acid android performed at BUBBLE FESTIVAL and in August started the second part of the tour, “acid android live 2003... read more
Author: Stefania last update: 2014-06-27