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In April of the year 2002 Yumehito founded the group “Primrose”. The cast was the same as it is now with Soroban (Yumehito at the guitar, Ryuuji is the vocal, Yuuya at the drums and Tatsuhi on the bass). In spite of their age (they were all about 14-16 years old at this time) they had a lot shows were they could play (for example: talent shows). In April 2004 they changed their name in Soroban. The first acts they had under this name were at June 17th in the Ikebukuro Cyber and June 18th in the Takadanobaba Phase. In these two acts they distributed free copies of their single “Shiro Kuro Radio”. October 6th they had finally their first one-man. The concert was sold out within a few days. At the 1st November they published their first single: “-Ram-/Orange Tegami”. Soroban had a lot gigs with famous bands (for example... read more
Author: Jun last update: 2010-01-20

Status:  Indie - disbanded
Period:  2004 - 2006
Genre:  rock / oshare kei

Vo : Ryuuji
Gt : Yumehito
Ba : Tatsuhi
Dr : Yuuya