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Tackey & Tsubasa (タッキー&翼) [prononced "Takkii and Tsubasa"] often shortened to TxT, are from Johnny & Associates. They debuted, between the bands Arashi and NEWS, on 09/11/2002.

Tsubasa was born in Kanagawa on October 17, 1981. He became a part of the Johnny & Asscoaites organization on April 23, 1995. He was a member of the Juniors, but was principally a background dancer.

Hideaki was born in Tokyo on March 29, 1982. He also became a part of the Johnny & Associates organization in April 1995. His nickname is "Tackey". He was young, but he was an important Junior. He was the leader of the Tokyo Jr. Kitagawa wanted Tackey to make a debut as a solo artist, but Tackey decided that he wanted to debut with his best friend. He asked his the fans to support him in his decision.
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