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Boris was formed in 1992 and consists of Takeshi (vocals, bass, guitar), Wata (guitar) and Atsuo (drums, vocals). They borrowed their name from a song by the American band The Melvins.

The first song that the group records, ends up on a compilation called Take care of the scabbard fish, in 1994.
Two years later, their first album Absolutego is released. After further releases, they finally get some well-deserved attention from overseas.

Absolutego comes out in the USA in 2001, and is followed two years later by Amplifier Worship. Both records are released by the label Southern Lord. Meanwhile, Boris goes on tour in the USA and Europe.

The release of Mabuta no uta is launched in 2005. The record is available in three different versions: CD, LP and as a special edition, which is released in Brazil. In the same year, Pink finds its way to the stores, and... read more
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Status:  Indie - active
Period:  1992 - present
Genre:  sludge / doom metal / noise

Vo / Ba / Gt : Takeshi
Gt : Wata
Dr / Vo : Atsuo

Dr : Nagata (1996)