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Image © 2013 Pony Canyon
BabyDollSymphony is a rock group led by Kokumaromilk, one of the most acclaimed bass players of Nico Nico Douga. The band is made up of:

Vocal:(リの) Rino
Guitar:(ゆうと) YUTO
Bass: (こくまろみる) Kokumaromilk
Keyboard: (イモ男爵) BaronPotato
Drums:(充) Mitsuru

One day, Kokumaromilk summoned demons from hell and the band BabyDollSymphony was created. The band wants to live in an anime form, hence their visual kei dressing style.

BabyDollSymphony plays both originals and covers, primarily famous game and anime themes.

In January 2013, the band promoted their new album on “Dragon Stream”, a Nico Nico Ustream hosted by singer Ryu Hirabayashi of Pony Canyon.

Check out Pony Canyon’s Ustream site to watch the episode.
Author: Jennifer last update: 2013-02-03

Status:  Indie - active
Period:  2012 - present
Genre:  rock

Vo: Rino (リの)
Gt:YUTO (ゆうと)
Ba:Kokumaromilk (こくまろみる)
Key: BaronPotato (イモ男爵)
Dr: Mitsuru (充)