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Founded in 2000, Silver Ash, the first glam visual rock band of China, has decided to make 2013 the year of their comeback after a lengthy hiatus, and intends to make their Western debut this year! Their career has persevered in the face of censorship and unbelievable struggle: a true testament to rock pioneers who are now bringing their brand of transnational rock to the West!

Silver Ash has been featured widely and broadly in Chinese media, including spots on CCTV, Channel V, and other television programs, as well as prominent news outlets such as Sina and Sohu. They have also graced the front covers of every major alternative music publication in China. Internationally, Silver Ash has been featured on the front page of Asahi Shimbun (2002), as well as in American publications, Newtype USA (2003) and The Fader (2003). As recently as 2010, they were featured in China Daily’s English-language section.... read more
Author: Silver Ash Official last update: 2013-04-29
Silver Ash

Status:  Indie - active
Period:  2013 - present
Genre:  Chinese visual kei

Vo : Ling
Gt : Yue
Ba/Sam : Cain
Dr : Zhen

Ba : Yu
Key : Bai Niao