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JUPITER is a new Symphonic metal Visual Kei band, formed by 4 ex-members of Versailles after the disbandment of their popular band in early 2013.

JUPITER has officially started its activities in April 2013; it consists of Versailles' instrumentalists - guitarists HIZAKI & TERU, bassist MASASHI and drummer YUKI -, with the addition of a new vocalist, ZIN.

According to the band's official website, "ZIN's mysterious and beautiful voice gives unexpected chemistry to their already established gorgeous yet extremely intense heavy metal sound".

Soon after the start of their activities as a band, the members announced their debut single "Blessing of The Future" (to be released in summer 2013 by Universal MUSIC).
They also announced their debut album, titled "CLASSICAL ELEMENT", expected in August of the same year.

JUPITER claims to be one of the most musically skilled Visual Kei bands, and it plans to become an internationally recognized reference point for the genre.
Author: Hanike last update: 2013-06-24