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Image © SPEED DISK, courtesy of Rock Identity
Just like KuRt, Ayabie is also signed on SPEED DISK. They are one of the best sold bands of the label. Ayabie’s music has many vocal parts which can be referred as pop. However there’s an equivalent amount of hard riffs and their appearance complies rather with the last one. Ayabie debut with a oneman at the Takadanobaba AREA on 8th March 2004. During that first live they already sell their first CD and they also distribute a single. The founders of the band are: Ryohei (Gt), Takehito (Gt) and Intetsu (Dr), who have all played in Hinawana before, and Aoi (Vo - ex-MASK). They don’t have a drummer at that time – a session member takes that part during the lives. During the same year they tour together with alice nine. They also release two maxi singles. One of these, Chousoi sou yori san rin, is placed at the top... read more
Author: nana last update: 2010-08-10
彩冷える -アヤビエ-

Status:  Major - disbanded
Period:  2004 - 2010
Genre:  rock / visual kei

Vo : Aoi

Gt : Ryohei (猟兵)
Gt : Takehito (タケヒト)(2010)
Gt : Yumehito (夢人)(2010)
Ba : Intetsu (インテツ)(2010)
Dr : Kenzo (ケンゾ)(2010)

Dr : Towa (2005)
Dr : Tomoya (ex)