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Jpop singer Kimeru was born on June 17, 1980 in Kunamoto-ken on the island of Kyushu. After high school, he wanted to be postman but he decided to start a career of singing. At that moment, he took the pseudonym of Kimeru. His true name is currently unknown.

He became known thanks to his first single in December 2001, You got game?. This song was used as the ending theme for the anime, Prince of Tennis (TeniPuri). One year later, his second single, Make You Free, was used as the opening song for the same anime.

In spring of 2003, Kimeru participated in the The Prince of Tennis Musical (Tenimyu), which propelled his career. His first mini-album, The Beginning, was released that November.

His third single, OVERLAP, contained a special song, "OATH IN THE STORM", which was dedicated to Yanagi Kotaro, the actor set as Echizen Ryoma in The Prince of Tennis Musical, who... read more
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Status:  Major - active
Period:  2001 - present
Genre:   pop / rock