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In 2001, Koichi Domoto of KinKi Kids personally selected 6 Johnny’s Junior members to be his backup dancers for the television program Pop Jam. By combining the first letters of their last names (Kamenashi, Akanishi, Taguchi, Tanaka, Ueda, and Nakamura) their unit title KAT-TUN was created.

After gaining a great deal of attention for themselves over time, the formation was kept and KAT-TUN remains a solid unit to this day.

KAT-TUN released their first major DVD (LIVE KAIZOKUBAN) in 2005 but is reportedly the only Johnny’s Junior group to have performed several lives before their actual debut. This includes the Tokyo Dome event (which 110,000 attended) in January of 2006.

Unfortunately, one of the two most popular members of the group, Akanishi Jin, announced that he would be taking a leave of absence from KAT-TUN to study in America. This however only lasted for half a year and Akanishi returned to group activities in... read more
Author: Yuka last update: 2010-01-20

Status:  Major - active
Period:  2006 - present
Genre:  pop

Kamenashi Kazuya (亀梨和也)
Ueda Tatsuya (上田竜也)
Nakamaru Yuichi (中丸 雄一)

Akanishi Jin (赤西仁)
Tanaka Koki (田中聖)
Taguchi Junnosuke (田口淳之介)

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