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Image © 2014 METEOROID, courtesy of Nesshin Music
Noted for their powerful and energetic live performances, METEOROID is an up-and-coming visual kei powerhouse in Japan. METEOROID began as a session band in 2012 with vocalist GENKI, bassist ral, and drummer Tomoya, but became an official band in 2013 when guitarists Yutori and Machi joined.

After releasing their first single “DIVER” in February of 2013, METEOROID played at famous events in Japan, such as Stylish Wave.
In February of 2014, METEOROID announced that they would be signing with VR Label. The band released their first full album “GEMINI” on August 6, 2014.
However, following their oneman performace on September 27, 2014, guitarist Yutori left the band.

Towards the end of 2014, MeteoroiD changed not only their image to a much darker look but their concept to “illness.” On November 21, 2014, MeteoroiD welcomed their newest member and guitarist mikado to the band.

METEOROID is looking forward to visiting many countries in the... read more
Author: Courtesy of Nesshin Music last update: 2014-12-16

Status:  Indie - active
Period:  2012 - present
Genre:  rock /visual kei

Gt : Machi (マチ)
Gt : mikado (帝)
Ba : ral
Dr : Tomoya

Gt : Yutori (ゆとり)