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Image © 2014 LOST ASH
Formed originally in late 2009, LOST ASH is a hot visual kei band from Tokyo, Japan rising quickly to popularity. Fronted by Daiki with his distinctly deep vocals, LOST ASH is made up of guitarist Show, bassist Sai, and drummer, pianist, and leader Dye. Doing a variety of styles such as the jazzy melody behind “MASK” or the upbeat and carefree tune of “SUMMER” or even the hard and intense track, “SP!T !T OUT!!” LOST ASH never constrains themselves to one style and can entertain fans of all tastes. Even modeling for popular magazines like Men’s Spider, LOST ASH has already proven to be a talented young act with a promising future.
Author: Nesshin Music last update: 2014-04-29

Status:  Indie - active
Period:  2009 - present
Genre:  visual kei

Vo : Daiki
Gt : Show
Ba : Sai
Dr : Dye