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WING WORKS is the solo project of RYO:SUKE, ex bassist of the popular
Visual Kei band Lolita 23q which went on indefinite hiatus after the
departure of their vocalist in 2012. As RYO:SUKE has played a major role in
defining the themes and concepts behind Lolita 23q through his
contributions as a composer and lyricist since the bandís inception, he
decided to continue his musical career by launching a solo project. Thus,
WING WORKS was born on September 18th of the same year.

Under the banner of "Hybrid Shock Music," WING WORKS tackles new horizons as it pioneers an innovative and fresh style of music to the V-Rock scene by promoting a rousing fusion of diverse music genres with rock and
electronica at its core. The resulting sound is a unique but well-balanced
mixture of metal, dubsteb, EDM, and a variety of other styles. This new
sound and concept paired with the distinct fashion of Visual Kei creates a
cinematic quality that... read more
Author: WING WORKS OFFICIAL last update: 2014-04-18

Status:  Indie - active
Period:  2012 - present
Genre:  rock / pop

Vo : RYO:SUKE (リョヲ丞)