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Iruma Rioka is Japanese impressive songstress.
Her musical style is classical, progressive rock, and gothic music.

From her childhood she would express herself by songwriting and
composing at the piano. With her background in music-arts and her
visual style she takes her audience on a journey of music. Iruma’s
fashion-sense is related to the Japanese Gothic & Lolita wear that is
popular in Japanese rock and pop-culture. Her fans describe Iruma as a
someone who not only plays music but tells a story and makes them
imagine wondrous and fantastical scenarios.

Iruma along with her bandmate Nemu, her main guitarist, and Honey, bear friend, have traveled
by invitation to perform across the globe in USA, Mexico, France,
Switzerland and Russia.
Author: Hollow Mellow last update: 2014-10-11
Hollow Mellow

Status:  Indie - active
Period:  2014 - present
Genre:  rock / gothic

Vo : Iruma Rioka
Gt : Nemu Raven
Violin: Jill