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Holding the highest selling album in Japan of all time, Utada Hikaru is a phenomenon that has been felt throughout Japan since 1999.

Being born into a very musical family, Hikki (the name which fans so affectionately call her by) spent most of her time growing up in a studio in New York.
With her father, Teruzane Utada, being a producer, and her mother, Junko Utada, being an Enka singer, itfs no wonder Utada has grown up to arguably be the most popular female artist within Japanfs borders.

Over the past 10 years she has released 8 albums, an overwhelming amount of singles (in both English and Nihongo) and has received a plethora of awards ranging from the Best Female Artist to the Triple Crown.

A passion for music as strong as Hikkifs is upsettingly rare. But no worries! There is plenty to look forward to as her talent and creativity seems to evolve with... read more
Author: sweetXxalibi