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In the beginning, the group was formed by Daisuke (the singer – although he had previously been the drummer for Fatima) and Masaya, ex Angel Dust. In October, they were joined by guitarist Yuana. Their first live took place at Ikebukuro Cyber in February 2000, during which a demotape was distributed. In the same year Shizumi, the drummer from 1m80, joined the group, but after the first oneman, Masaya decided to leave. He was replaced by Kuya in January 2001.

They joined the label Loop Ash. After that, their success grew and soon created their fan club, Tsushin Kouza on April 13th. In July of 2001, they held a oneman live for 1000 people at On Air East. It was at this time that Kuya decided to leave; he was replaced by Kazu from the group Aioria. Kagerou left their label afterwards.

In September they toured in Hong Kong with Due’le... read more
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Status:  Indie - disbanded
Period:  1999 - 2007
Genre:  rock / visual kei

Vo : Daisuke (大佑)[deceased 2010]
Gt : Yuana (ユアナ)
Ba : Kazu
Dr : Shizumi (静海)

Ba : Masaya (2000)
Ba : Kuya (2001)

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