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An Cafe is quite a new band which has thrived in a short time. Their music is fresh and merry but their songs also contain harder elements. Their outfits usually quite casual and not as much like what people define as “classical visual kei”.

An Cafe was founded at the beginning of 2003 by Bou (Gt), Miku (Vo.) and Kanon (Ba) who met each other on a contact site on the internet. By June 17th, they had already held their first live, and on the occasion of that live they distributed their first demo-tape, Opu●ngu (only 50 copies). Their second demo-tape, Uzumaki senshokutai (300 copieswas distributed on July 2nd.In August, Teruki (ex-Feathers Blue) joined the band and they finally had a drummer. It was in this composition in which they held lives thenceforwards. Most of these lives took place at the Takedanobaba AREA (高田馬場AREA).

2004 started with various lives and the release... read more
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