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Although Tenten and Yuma played both before in the well known indies band Hanamuke (disbanded in 2003), KuRt surely isn’t its successor. Still, this doesn’t mean that KuRt wouldn’t be on the avenue to fame. The band has been barely existing since 1,5 years but they have already many fans.

KuRt is founded in November 2004 by Tenten (Vo, ex-Hanamuke), Yuma (Gt, ex-Hanamuke), Ryouki (Gt, ex-Visage), Ranmaru (Ba, ex-Misora) and Kiaki (ex-Misora).
In December the five guys instantly kick of with different secret lives before they announce the founding of the band publicly in January 2005. Many magazines write about them. At that time Ranmaru changes his name and he becomes Oto.

On 21st January their first single Oritatamishiki Ojiichan is released. They limit it to 2000 samples. But this single is no reason at all for KuRt to become lazy. During the first half of 2001 they also release the DVD Gozen 3Ji... read more
Author: nana last update: 2010-01-20

Status:  Indie - disbanded
Period:  2007 - 2007
Genre:  rock / visual kei

Vo : Tenten (てんてん)
Gt : Yuma (癒マ)
Gt : Ryouki (伶希)
Ba : Saburo (三狼)
Dr : Kiaki (規明)

Ba : Oto (鳴兎) (2006)