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w-inds. are Ryohei Chiba, Keita Tachibana and Ryuichi Ogata. They are a hip-hop dance group orginating from Hokkaido and Fukuoka. Keita is known for having his "5-octave vocal range" and being the main vocal of the group. Ryohei and Ryuichi are known for their break-dancing and rapping, as they are the rappers and chorus in the group. On November 3, 1998, Keita entered the "ASAYAN" contest (a contest for singers). Although he was a finalist he did not win, he was placed 2nd after a female beat him. He then entered another contest, which he won beating out 3000 other hopefuls. That time Ryohei and Ryuichi belong to same dance school and entered a contest where they both performed at Zepp Sapporo at an event called "Bakken Record Vol.4". All three members caught the eyes of Free Gate Production (pre-Rising Production) They came together in Tokyo as w-inds. in December 2000... read more
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