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RHEDORIC was started by Yusuke Suga in early 2011. The group marked its official debut as August 5th, 2011. Immediately after the band formed, RHEDORIC released 3 digital singles including "Kakukai~core break~" along with popular songs such as "Meloncholic" and "possibility". Following the releases, the band held their own live event called "rhedorical tactics 1 & 2" and played various live houses.

In 2014, Tomo and Yuji had their first show in the States as "the Rhedoric" in Los Angeles VK Fest, where the band was welcomed with a large & rowdy crowd. Since then Tomo has come back to the States to hold a greet and meet session with their U.S. fans at the XENON Store and performed with the band CELL in support at the summer event, Vnited Music Fest 2015, held at Amplyfi in Hollywood, CA.
Author: Syreeta Turner last update: 2015-10-06

Status:  Major - active
Period:  2011 - present
Genre:  rock

Vo : yuuji (雄志)
Gt : suga yuusuke (須賀勇介)
Ba : shigure (時雨)