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Guitar Wolf was one of the first garage/punk groups in Japan; the power trio was formed guitarist Seiji on vocals and guitar, Billy on bass and Toru on drums.
They formed in 1987, a crucial year for this music genre in the Land of the Rising Sun, which also saw the birth of such groups as The 5,6,7,8s, Teengenerate and MAD 3.
Their style was directly inspired by the basic elements of pure rock ‘n’ roll, and at the beginning, they were charismatic and chaotic but at the same time humourous and unpredictable, as anyone attenting their shows could testify; their amps were always on full! Certainly, they seemed a perfect blend of Japanese manga and the purest of hard rock melodies; ‘manga rock’ is a term that came to your mind when you attended one of their performances.
Their first album Wolf Rock (released on vinyl only) came... read more
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