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The group was formed in 1999,their first demo called Imitation Pops was released on 21st March of that same year.The following year they give their first one man,where they give several demos for free. In 2002 they took part to many events in Sendai, Tokyo, Nagoyama and Osaka;they also give other three one man:one at the Esaka Boumin Hall and the remaining at the Ikebukuro Cyber,where they put on sale their second single entitled (A+B)No.0-QT?. It's in 2003 that they succeed in releasing an album:after two singles out at the beginning of the year,in May we have their first work called Uchuu Sentai CYBORK ROCK SHOW kanzenban.Later on they start touring. Other singles and their second album ZERO no keifu are released in 2004,then they go on a 27 dates tour through Japan,ended with a one man at the ESP club.In December their first DVD ZERO no keifu Clip... read more
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Uchuu Sentai NOIZ

Status:  Major - active
Period:  1999 - present
Genre:  electro / punk / rock / visual kei

Vo : Angel-TAKA
Gt / Vo : MASATO
Gt : Kotaro
Ba : KYO (キョ)

Gt :TAKEswiy (2009)
Dr :S@TT-ON (2009)