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Image © Suicide Ali 2010 , courtesy of Starwave Records
Suicide Ali formed in June 2004, thanks to Goshi and Hiroshi. In 2005, Hisashi, Yuu, and Mst joined them. As soon as the rest of the members joined, they were finally able to perform some live shows, allowing them to come in contact with their dear fans. The band gained popularity by promoting their demos online, and achieving great success and popularity among many fans including overseas fans as well. By having their demos online for free download on their OHP, Suicide Ali was able to sell out their first single This New Order, which was released in July 2006. They later released two mini-albums and a maxi-single that are all sold worldwide. The band made their American live debut in November 7th, at Pacific Media Expo.

The support of all their great fans was what made it possible for their successful trip to America. Unfortunately, it was recently announced that... read more
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Status:  Indie - active
Period:  2004 - present
Genre:  rock / industrial / metal

Vo : Bit el bedi (Goshi)
Gt : Ooe shundei (Hiroshi)
Ba : Ravishan (Kozi)
Dr : HIY (Hisashi)

Gt : Yuu (2009)
Ba : Mst (2007)