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D’espairsRay is dark and good goth-rock, but proved with their recent album and single that they also know how to handle elements from other genres. Their visual appearance corresponds perfectly with their music, but can be once in a while white too . Altogether with the music it’s the ideal base for stunning concerts – an event which can be enjoyed acoustically as well as with the eyes.

It was on the 9th September 1999, that D’espairsRay was formed by HIZUMI (Vo, ex-Le’veil), TSUKASA (Dr, ex-Le’veil), Karyu (Gt, ex-Dieur Mind) and ZERO (Ba). They started off with a live in the Takadanobaba AREA and released a series of demo tapes ([S]yste[M], SA KU RA, RAZØR), which were each sold out in an instant.

Then their first Single KUMO (300 copies) was released on the 21st October 2000, which was so quickly sold out that they had to re-release it in the... read more
Author: Sae / Danielle last update: 2010-05-05