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Metal Safari is a Tokyo based metal band formed in march 2005 by INAMOTO (Vo), HIRO-YUKi (Gt) and YAZU (Dr). Since the creation, the band didn't changed until july 2005, when JUN the bassist joined the band. On 17th september 2005 the band's 1st demo "The First 7 songs" was released. The magazine YOUNG GUITAR of october 2005 edition DVD contained Metal Safari's 1st demo song "Return to my blood". The issue contained also an article featuring HIRO-YUKI. The full album "RETURN TO MY BLOOD" was released on 2006.05.21 On July 2006 they performed on FORMOZ FESTIVAL 06, the biggest music festival in TAIWAN.
Author: Sheila last update: 2010-01-20
Metal Safari

Status:  Indie - active
Period:  2005 - present
Genre:  metal / thrash / hardcore

Vo : Ina
Gt : Hiro
Dr : Yazu
Ba: Tomo

Ba :JUN(2011)