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Formed in 2003, girugämesh consists of vocalist Satoshi, guitarist Nii, bassist ShuU, and drummer Ryo. Having known each other since elementary school, ShuU and Nii decided to start the band before the other members joined. The name girugämesh was decided by Ryo, who was influenced by a video game and felt the syllables had a unique impact.

girugämesh first performed in March of 2004 at a live house known as ROUTE14 in Motoyawata, Tokyo. Selling out their first demo CD, Shisaku gata enban, which had a limit of one hundred copies on the same day, the band continued with their gigs, having a short tour during the summer. Later in August of 2004, they released their first Maxi single, Kaisen Sengen ~Kikaku gata enban~ with three tracks. There was a limit of five hundred copies, which were sold out. Kaisen Sengen was ranked tenth on the Oricon Indies Chart and due to... read more
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