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Olivia grew up in Okinawa, moving to San Diego, CA when she was 2 years old to the age of 6. She then moved back to Okinawa for 7 years before spending 2 years in North Carolina and then returning to Okinawa where she attended Okinawa Actors School (along side with Amuro Namie, Rina Chinen, SPEED and MAX) and was discovered by the President of Rising Productions (Now Vision Factory) to form J-Pop group D&D (Dance & Dreams) with 2 other girls, Aya and Chika, in 1996. She soon split from the group in 1998 and did a solo gig with Tetsuya Komuro for a tie-in song for France's 1998 FIFA Cup. Olivia officially left D&D in 1999 to do a solo career. Olivia released 8 singles and 1 Major album before going on hiatus from the music world. She then came back in 2003 releasing 4 mini albums and under... read more
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