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Yamashita Tomohisa joined Johnny&Associates on September 1996. I was an appreciat Junior by many, especially by Tackey (from Tackey & Tsubasa) This one gave him a nickname : YamaP (P for Pink, cause of the t-shirt he wore during a rehearsal). You can often hear about him: Pchan, P or YamaP when people talk of him. Before debut, he was in 4Tops, in which he was close with Ikuta Toma. He debuted on november 5th 2003 with others members of NewS with the song NewS Nippon. On september 2nd 2005 Yamashita released a single with Kamenashi Kazuya (from KAT-TUN), Seishun Amigo, as "Shuji to Akira" (Shuji and Akira), which is the original song of their drama, Nobuta wo Produce. On May 31th, he released his first solo single : Daite Senorita At last, end of summer 2006, Yamashita formed a temporary band, called Kitty GYM (Kitty only dance behind GYM) ,... read more
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