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Shanadoo are four japanese girls: Marina, Junko, Manami and Chika. Besides Marina all the girls worked under the name “Vivace” together and had already a lot of performances in Japan. Now they want to conquer the west with Marina as the lead singer. The name of the first single is “King Kong” and is released on 16th June in Germany. Other European countries will follow. Even though you can’t imagine it by the title of the song, it’s a song with Japanese lyrics, but that doesn’t harm the hit potential. King Kong is a total Pop-earworm, which will be broadcast constantly on European music channels and radios. The girls of Shanadoo are dancing the Para Para Dance, the new trend of Japanese kids, in the music video of King Kong. (The Para Para Dance is a combination of easy Dance-movements and is danced by a million of Japanese kids). Dance-instructions of... read more
Author: Kirinia last update: 2010-01-20