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Moi dix Mois was formed on October 19, 2002 as the solo project of the Japanese artist Mana. Moi dix Mois was created approximately ten months after the breakup of the influential band MALICE MIZER, which Mana was the leader and guitarist of. The members of Moi dix Mois were originally Mana (guitar), Juka (vocals), Kazuno (bass), Tohru (drums), and K (Death Vocals & supporting guitar). Mana is not only the lead guitarist of Moi dix Mois. He also serves as the composer, lyricist, costume designer, and the overall artistic director for all of Moi dix Mois's songs and performances. The band name, Moi dix Mois, means "My ten months" in French. It holds very symbolic meaning to Mana. "Moi" stands for his debut as a solo artist. "Dix Mois" means "10 months," which has a double entendre. Ten lunar months is the average time a baby forms inside its mother's... read more
Author: shcc
Moi dix Mois

Status:  Indie - active
Period:  2002 - present
Genre:  Visual kei/Metal symhonique

Vo: Seth
Gt: K
Ba: Sugiya
Dr: Hayato

Vo : Juka (2005)
Gt : Kazuno (2005)
Dr : Tohru (2005)
Death voices: Shadow X

Gt: Jun (Live)
Violin:Yuichiro Goto
Violin: Yuki Ishimaru
Chorus: Youko Takai
Chorus: Risa

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