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MAN WITH A MISSION Split EP with Zebrahead making its way Overseas!
Date: 2015.07.30
Source:  INDIVISUAL Newsletter
Today, MAN WITH A MISSION has announced the release of the overseas edition of a split EP with Anmerican Rock band, Zebrahead, titled “Out of Control”. The song was also used as the ending for the Japanese release of “MAD MAX : Fury Road”.

It already hit stores in Japan on May 20th. The overseas edition of the EP is set to released on August 21st. The overseas edition will feature a different album cover and track list. The artwork will be a vivid green color to contrast with the red and blue cover of the Japan release.

“Higher” (English ver.) will be included along with the collaborative song “Out of Control”, as well as “database feat. Ali (Zebrahead)" (MAN WITH A MISSION), and "Lockjaw" (Zebrahead). "Higher" will be the first release of the song that is used in “World Soccer Winning Eleven 2015” (PlayStationR3 disc edition).

Zebrahead’s new song, “Consider My Resignation”, will also be included on the EP.

The two bands will collaborate once again for their “Out of Control Japan Tour 2015” joint tour in October. The import edition will be available at most stores in Japan. Check it out before heading to the concert.

MAN WITH A MISSION×Zebrahead "Out of Control" MV

MAN WITH A MISSION×Zebrahead "Out of Control (MAD MAX: FURY ROAD Ver.)" MV

Zebra head×MAN WITH A MISSION Split EP "Out of Control"
Released on 8/21(Fri) [Import editon in Japan] RDR106 1,700Yen (+tax)

M1: Out of Control / MAN WITH A MISSION x Zeberahead
M2: Lockjaw / Zebrahead
M3: Consider My Resignation / Zebrahead
M4: higher(ENG ver.) / MAN WITH A MISSION
M5: database feat. Ali (Zebrahead) / MAN WITH A MISSION


MAN WITH A MISSON Presents "Out of Control JAPAN Tour 2015"
10/13(Tue) Nagoya Diamond Hall w/Zebrahead
10/16(Fri) Saitama Super Arena w/Zebrahead
10/17(Sat) Saitama Super Arena w/Zebrahead
Author: candyfields