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Sebastiano Serafini's "BLEED" featuring Kisashi (ex Ecthelion) and Rian (the LOTUS)
Date: 2015.08.05
Artist:   Sebastiano Serafini  
Source:  Press Release
Have you been keeping up with Sebastiano Serafini's activities recently?

Ecthelion may have disbanded, however Sebastiano is continuing in his solo career. "I BLEED", released in June, is his most recent song, and you can watch the PV here below.

Once again, such great result was possible thanks to the help of several talented artists.

As you will notice by watching the video, Visual Kei guitarists Kisashi (ex Ecthelion) and Rian (the LOTUS) make a guest appearance!
Other guests include models Megumi Munakata, Rinrin Doll and Roa, along with Mexican Top Youtuber Miranda Ibaez. Makeup artist Imota Motoki adds glitz and glamor, while the cast dazzles in the latest fashions from Valentino, Kris Van Assche, BLK DNM, and Tom Ford.

The PV was produced by Sebastiano Serafini and directed by Claudio D'Avascio, and includes a subtle yet stunning using of CG for the robot, while clever cinematography tricks employed by REIJI and Matt Pellizzari make Sebastiano and the other performers look distorted to match the tempo throughout the song.
Last but not least, illustrator Max Rambaldi adds his unique talents to create the single's signature cover.

The single is available on iTunes here and on Amazon here.
Author: ladycaos