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MeteoroiD new single and Instagram profiles
Date: 2015.08.16
Artist:   MeteoroiD  
Source:  Press Release
MeteoroiD's latest activities include a new single and new Instagram profiles!

“Tori Kago no Sarasoju wa Shika no Hana” is the 4th single since the band changed its name and concept from METEOROID to MeteoroiD.
It will come in two types; Type A will feature the title track and its music video, while Type B will feature the title track along with an additional song.
Both types will be released on September 2, 2015, and will cost 1,200 yen each.
The single is currently available for pre-order on CDJapan.com, so overseas fans will be able to get it too!

You can also enjoy a short preview of the PV here below!

Also, four of the members of MeteoroiD are now on Instagram! Here are the addresses to follow them on the popular social network.

Gt. Mikado: meteo_mikado
Gt. Machi: meteo_machi
Ba. Ral: meteo_ral
Dr. Tomoya: meteo_tomoya

Author: ladycaos