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RAINDIA to Release Live Digest & Announce Two New Releases
Date: 2017.04.13
Artist:   RAINDIA  
Source:  Press release
On February 25, 2017, RAINDIA held their first successful oneman. To commemorate the show, RAINDIA released a live digest video featuring short clips of each of the songs performed.

The digest video can be viewed on YouTube here:

Additionally, RAINDIA announced two new releases due to come out in May of 2017. The first of which will be a single called "Ame ni, Speaker." This single will feature entirely new songs.

The second will be their petite album vol. 2, "Ningen Shikkaku," and will include both re-recordings and new songs. More information about these two new releases will come soon.

About RAINDIA: RAINDIA is a 5 piece visual kei band with roots from the 90's music scene and entirely self-produced music. Beauty is a feature of both the lyrics and melodies and the lyrics are written in a literary way and involve feelings of anger, conflict, and doubt about situations that many can relate to. The story created by the composition is strong, and similarly, their live performances include both intensity and melancholy emotion. The five member's individual characters are strong with each person's different hair color, but they skillfully become entwined on stage, expressing a world through their musical performance.

Official Website: http://raindia.info/
Official YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRSL2Want8utImzukzDR7bw
Author: ladycaos