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The "big four of the new generation of visual kei," Kiryu, BugLug, R-Shitei and vistlip, are uniting for their 4-band tour "Quadruple Disrupting and Fighting the Symmetry."

Revitalizing the scene in 2015 with their 7-city Japan tour "Quadruple Disruption and Fighting the Symmetry," both Kiryu and vistlip are celebrating their 10th band anniversary in 2017. Also, BugLug's vocalist Issei has miraculously recovered from his injury. Together with R-Shitei, who is celebrating his 10th anniversary in 2018, the drive of the four bands to express their stories and experience has intensified.

This 7-city tour marks the first in roughly 2.5 years and starts at the Factory Hall in Sapporo, Hokkaido, on March 11th, 2018 and culminates in their final show at STUDIO COAST, Shin-Kiba, Tokyo on March 30th, 2018. Opening acts for the local performances were also announced.

Check out the tour promo trailer here:

Tour Details
OPEN 16:30/START 17:00

Sendai Rensa
OPEN 16:30/START 17:00

Nagoya Diamond Hall
OPEN 16:30/START 17:00

OPEN 16:30/START 17:00

OPEN 16:30/START 17:00

Namba Hatch
OPEN 16:15/START 17:00

OPEN 15:45/START 16:30
Author: candyfields
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Artist:   SuG   lynch.   vistlip  
Source:  Press release
SuG,lynch., and vistlip have decided to hold a three-man tour called ‘LSV’.

LVS tour schedule

July 17 Takamatsu MONSTER (opens 16:45 / starts 17:30)

July 18 Hiroshima CLUB QUATTRO (16:45 / 17:30)

July 20 Fukuoka DRUM Be-1 (17:15 / 18.00)

July 31 Osaka BIGCAT (16:45 / 17:30)

August 1 Nagoya E.L.L (17:15 / 18:00)

August 30 Tokyo TSUTAYA O-EAST (16:30 / 17:30) with opening guest: The THIRTEEN (unit made of Sadie’s Mao and Mizuki)
Author: Sheila
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Date: 2014.04.26
Artist:   Kyary Pamyu Pamyu    Golden Bomber   vistlip  
Two awesome fashion designers added to the roster of guests for AnimeNEXT! Both rock and both will bring guest models [from Japan] that will rock your socks off.
One, with an essentially madcap world influenced by past and future music, Anime, and a comet scattered universe.
The Other, representing a surreal rock art and mode concept, featuring men’s and women’s designs with a distinctive gothic edge.

These may sound like a fashion lovers dream. Well, they definitely are the best of both worlds of Japanese fashion. Crazy cute and Street goth, what more could you ever need?

Still curious about the brands names and guest models?

The brand galaxxxy was established in 2007 by Hiromi Kishi and later joined by brothers Jun Arai and loco2kit.

Most prominently featured in KERA magazine and on celebrities such as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, galaxxxy is known for their bright pastel fabrics, whimsical iconography and "kawaii" themes in girl's fashion. With collaborations ranging from Kill la Kill, to My Little Pony, to Dirty Pair, galaxxxy is a versatile brand representing what's hot in Japanese pop culture today.

kimura U will also be making her return to AnimeNEXT as the guest model for galaxxxy at AnimeNEXT’s Fashion Show!
[kimura U is a popular model for KERA magazine and the current model for galaxxxy’s latest collection.]

galaxxxy designers will have a booth in the Dealer's Room showcasing their fashions. Both galaxxxy and kimura U will participate in panels and autograph sessions at the convention.

Brand Acryl agitt was created by a designer at h.NAOTO, chief designer of men’s brand HN+DIE, and textile supervisor from 2000-2009, Daisuke Ichikawa. He also oversaw 3 seasons of h.NAOTO’s Tokyo Collection.

Already a seasoned designer, Daisuke created his own brand Acryl agitt after leaving h.NAOTO. Fusing music and fashion, the brand has designed outfits for artists such as Gackt, vistlip, Golden Bomber and many more.

Acryl agitt will have a booth in the Dealer's Room showcasing their fashions and will participate in panels and autograph sessions at the convention. The fashion show will also include a special guest Model[Will be announcing soon!!]

Acryl agitt will be joining AnimeNEXT alongside designers from the brand galaxxxy, Kawaii Ambassador of Japan kimura U, renowned voice actor Richard Epcar, popular rock band ROOKIEZ is PUNK’D, and studio TRIGGER creators Hiromi Wakabayashi and Shigeto Koyama.

You are not going want to miss this convention!
Go to AnimeNEXT OHP for registration info:
Author: candyfields
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Artist:   vistlip  
Source:  Neowing
The Visual Kei band vistlip. will be releasing a new single on April 11, 2012.
Details about the single are still to be revealed, but what we already know is that it will come in three editions, as usual of vistlip's releases: vister & lipper [Limited Editions] and the Regular edition; both Limited editions come with 2 discs; and all 3 editions come with first press bonus: a trading card randomly selected from 10 kinds.

vistlip also made a special collaboration with the Japanese apparel brand SUPER LOVERS to produce 4 fashion items, to be released in March 2012, each one inspired by one member of the band.
The items are (click to check):
º a jump suit designed by Umi;
º parka & shorts set (2 different colors) designed by Tomo;
º a backpack designed by Tohya;
º a cardigan designed by Rui;

The popular Japanese online store CDJapan announced that the items are already available to be pre-ordered online.
The jump suit and Tomo's set cost around U$191, while the backpack and the cardigan cost around U$122.

And be quick to pre-order them because they will be produced in very limited quantities!
Click here and check out all the special items!
Author: Hanike
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Date: 2010.07.31
Artist:   vistlip  
In the dawn of July 30 at 1:15am, on the way back to Tokyo from a concert held in Kanazawa city, the vehicle of the visual kei band vistlip (ヴィストリップ) crashed into the wall of the Nagae Tunnel, down the Jōshin-etsu Expressway in Nagano city.

The reason of the crash is still unknown and under investigation by the police of Nagano's prefecture.

Japanese news agencies state vistlip's member Matsushita Tomoo as the driver of the van. There were 8 people inside it and all suffered from slight injuries on the arms and/or the neck.
Unfortunately, vistlip's manager, Ms. Sakakibara Asako - who was in the backseat and without safety belt - was thrown out of the car. The injuries caused by this led to her untimely death.

The band hasn't yet made any comment on what happened, but they are all shocked about it.
Their guitarist Yuh had his birthday party on the road one day before the car accident and their other guitarist, Umi, just posted an entry in his Ameblog a few minutes before the accident happened.

Let's hope that everyone get better soon and that Sakakibara-san rest in peace!

Our heartfelt condolences go to Ms. Sakakibara's family and friends.
Author: Hanike
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