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Date: 2014.04.26
Artist:   Kyary Pamyu Pamyu    Golden Bomber   vistlip  
Two awesome fashion designers added to the roster of guests for AnimeNEXT! Both rock and both will bring guest models [from Japan] that will rock your socks off.
One, with an essentially madcap world influenced by past and future music, Anime, and a comet scattered universe.
The Other, representing a surreal rock art and mode concept, featuring men’s and women’s designs with a distinctive gothic edge.

These may sound like a fashion lovers dream. Well, they definitely are the best of both worlds of Japanese fashion. Crazy cute and Street goth, what more could you ever need?

Still curious about the brands names and guest models?

The brand galaxxxy was established in 2007 by Hiromi Kishi and later joined by brothers Jun Arai and loco2kit.

Most prominently featured in KERA magazine and on celebrities such as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, galaxxxy is known for their bright pastel fabrics, whimsical iconography and "kawaii" themes in girl's fashion. With collaborations ranging from Kill la Kill, to My Little Pony, to Dirty Pair, galaxxxy is a versatile brand representing what's hot in Japanese pop culture today.

kimura U will also be making her return to AnimeNEXT as the guest model for galaxxxy at AnimeNEXT’s Fashion Show!
[kimura U is a popular model for KERA magazine and the current model for galaxxxy’s latest collection.]

galaxxxy designers will have a booth in the Dealer's Room showcasing their fashions. Both galaxxxy and kimura U will participate in panels and autograph sessions at the convention.

Brand Acryl agitt was created by a designer at h.NAOTO, chief designer of men’s brand HN+DIE, and textile supervisor from 2000-2009, Daisuke Ichikawa. He also oversaw 3 seasons of h.NAOTO’s Tokyo Collection.

Already a seasoned designer, Daisuke created his own brand Acryl agitt after leaving h.NAOTO. Fusing music and fashion, the brand has designed outfits for artists such as Gackt, vistlip, Golden Bomber and many more.

Acryl agitt will have a booth in the Dealer's Room showcasing their fashions and will participate in panels and autograph sessions at the convention. The fashion show will also include a special guest Model[Will be announcing soon!!]

Acryl agitt will be joining AnimeNEXT alongside designers from the brand galaxxxy, Kawaii Ambassador of Japan kimura U, renowned voice actor Richard Epcar, popular rock band ROOKIEZ is PUNK’D, and studio TRIGGER creators Hiromi Wakabayashi and Shigeto Koyama.

You are not going want to miss this convention!
Go to AnimeNEXT OHP for registration info:
Author: candyfields
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Date: 2013.05.08
Artist:   Golden Bomber   Anli Pollicino   Guild  
Good news for all fans of Golden Bomber, Anli Pollicino and GUILD!
Club Euclid decided to open a foreign branch for all fans of these bands. Membership privileges include exclusive material translated in English, access to advanced ticket sales for Japanese shows, and the possibility to buy official tour merchandise online. You will also have the chance to enter contests and win presents and items signed by the band members.

Membership for one year will cost 5000 yen for the first year, and 4000 for the following years. For additional info please check out the Fanclub website!
Author: ladycaos
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Artist:   Golden Bomber  
As one of the most popular Visual kei bands, air-band Golden Bomber is releasing a new compilation album to celebrate the 5th anniversary! The compilation is the best step to take to get to know this band, but good news is that this CD will also come with a new song! The album will be released not only in Japan but also in the USA, England, France, Germany, South Korea and Taiwan and it comes in 3 types. They all share the same CD, but the DVD contents are quite different so please check the details below.

Golden Bomber Best-of" The Past Masters Vol.1"
April, 24th

First Press Limited Edition Type A
CD Code: DAKEAZZ-102
Price: 2,800 yen (tax in.)

CD Contents:
01. Saite Saite Kirisaite
02. Itsumo to Onaji Yoru
03. Kimi ga Inai Aida ni
04. Gi-Ga-!
05. †The・V-kei ppoi Kyoku† (live)
06. Neeeeeee!
07. Rafiora
08. Nemutakute
09. Ii Hito
10. Sayonara Fuyumi
12. Nakanaide
13. Dance My Generation
14. Tobacco
15. Ujimushi
16. Setsunaihodo

DVD Contents:
“Golden Douga Gekijo -with the second sound channel-”
01. “Miwa-san 100km Marathon” @ Ikebukuro CYBER 2008/7/20 (First one-man)
02. “Daitokai Tokyo ni Arawareta Kappa wo Oe!” @ Takadanobaba CLUB PHASE 2009/1/4
03. “Datsu Visual Mou! Datsumou Laser Karaoke Grand Prix”
04. “Cho Kantan! Bakusou Shanai Cooking”

First Press Limited Edition Type B
CD Code: DAKEAZZ-103
Price: 2,800 yen (tax in.)

CD contents:
(same as Type A)

DVD contents:
“Summary of the 5 years since CD debut with the live footages and MC -with the second sound channel-”
01. Opening + Members’ introduction @ Ikebukuro CYBER 2008/7/20
02. Announcement of the result for new member audition + ‘Gi-ga-!’ ~MC @ Takadanobaba CLUB PHASE 2009/5/3
03. Opening Talk (Summary of the whole year) @ Takadanobaba CLUB PHASE 2009/7/5
04. “Saite Saite Kirisaite” ~MC @ Takadanobaba CLUB PHASE 2009/9/6
05. “Kimi ga Inai Aida ni” @ Takadanobaba CLUB PHASE 2009/11/1
06. “Itsumo to Onaji Yoru” @ LIQUID ROOM 2010/9/24
07. Important announcement ~ “The・V-kei ppoi Kyoku (live・really live) @ SHIBUYA-AX 2010/12/27
08. MC~ “Rafiora” @ TOKYO DOME CITY HALL 20011/5/17
09. “Ii Hito” @ Zepp Tokyo 2011/10/7
10. MC~ “Sayonara Fuyumi” ~MC + W Encore @ Nippon Budokan 2012/1/15
11. “Tobacco” @ Osaka-jo Hall 2012/6/10
12. MC~ “Nakanaide” @ Yokohama Arena 2012/6/18
13. “ICE BOX” @ Kishidan Banpaku 2012/9/17
14. “Dance My Generation” By Shoya @ Zepp Diver City 2012/10/13

Regular Edition Type C
CD Code: DAKEAZZ-104
Price: 1,600 yen (tax in.)
CD Contents:
(same as type A)

Author: ladycaos
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Date: 2012.11.30
Artist:   Golden Bomber  
Golden Bomber has announced a temporary hiatus from January of next year to April while vocalist, Kiryuuin Sho, undergoes treatment and recovery for his throat.

Sho has been having throat problems and has been unable to perform many activities. He most recently had to postpone a string of solo lives due to his condition. The new date for these lives has not been announced yet.

Despite these changes, Golden Bomber still plans to release their new single, Dance My Generation, on Jan. 1st, 2013.
Author: candyfields/Cecilia Abate
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Source:  Sync Music Japan
Sync Music Japan, a project organized by Japan Association of Music Enterprises (JAME), Music Publishers Association of Japan (MPAJ), and the Federation of Music Producers Japan (FMPJ) is offering exclusive ticketing for overseas fans for "V-ROCK FESTIVAL '11" to be held on 10/23 at Saitama Super Arena.

This brilliant V-Rock festival will present a grand lineup of 30 artist units including Gackt’s new band “YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz,” MUCC, SOPHIA, LM.C, girugamesh, Versailles and ViViD.

■Ticketing Information:

■Event Introduction for Overseas Participants:

■Artist Lineup (in alphabetical order)
Golden Bomber
LA’ ROYQUE DE ZAVY【5th additional group】
Matenro Opera
Mix Speaker's,Inc.
and more..

■Date: 10/23/2011(Sun)

■Time: OPEN 9:30 / START 11:00 / CLOSE 20:30(estimated)

■Venue: Saitama Super Arena
Chuo-kuShintoshin 8, Saitama City 330-0081 Saitama, JAPAN

■Ticket Reservation for Overseas Participants

1. 1000-yen discount on advanced ticket until 9/2
Free-seating 11,000yen(tax in) + 1 DRINK minimum (500 yen)
2. Regular ticketing begins on 9/3
Free-seating 12,000yen(tax in)+ 1 DRINK minimum (500 yen)
Author: Sheila
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